VIP zone includes as open and closed areas, so wellness and health improving Spa center, the unique environment of which will take you to the universe of comfort and relaxation

Salt steam sauna

humidity – 100%
temperature – 42-44℃
time – 10-20 min

Salt vapour sauna is one of the most popular saunas in the whole Europe. Vapour enriched with iodinized salt is useful for better functioning of thyroid gland, correction of body and struggling with cellulite. Salt vapour sauna will also help you to get rid of depression, restoration of juice of life.

Salt vapour sauna assists to:

  • Treatment of thyroid gland and prevention of disease
  • Correction of the body;
  • Metabolism
  • Skin elasticity
  • Has a strong cosmetic effect;
  • Reduces cellulite;
  • Reduces cholesterol level
  • Reduces edema
  • Assists to lymphodrainage

Humidity 100%; temperature – 42-44℃; time – 10-20 min.

Finnish sauna belongs to the range of dry saunas. Air temperature in it is maximal (90-100 degrees), and humidity is comparatively low. By its exposure a lot of toxins and collected liquids come out from the organism.

As result of warming of the organism blood turnover is activated, what strengthens process of metabolism and supports regeneration ability of the skin.

Finnish sauna is the best means for restoration of muscles, what is conditioned by removal of milk acid accumulated in muscled and it’s transformation into glycogen. That’s why it is the best after sport activities, for restoration of forces.

Home-country of Finnish sauna is Scandinavia, it is known from ancient times and enjoys completely deserved popularity during hundreds of years.

Finnish sauna assists to:

  • Metabolism and regeneration process;
  • Removal of toxins from organism;
  • Strengthens blood turnover;
  • Is the best means for restoration of muscles;
  • Is effective after sport activities, during complex use;
  • Removed stress;

Humidity – 45-50%; temperature 95-100℃; time – 10-20 min.

Finnish sauna

humidity – 45-50%
temperature – 95-100℃
time – 10-20 min

Herbal sauna

humidity – 55-60%
temperature – 45-60℃
time – 10-25 min

Herbal sauna is combined aromatherapy with many healing properties. In result of selecting aromas and essential oils, desired effect is achieved here in a short time; herbal sauna primary effect is to restore vital forces.

Herbal sauna helps:

  • perfect functioning of the respiratory organs;
  • supply of oxygen to the body;
  • regeneration of the nervous and endocrine system;

A cold pool in combination with a sauna is a direct way to healthy life

temperature – 8-12℃ time – 2-3 min

Cold pool

temperature – 8-12℃

time – 2-3 min

Roman sauna

humidity – 100%
temperature – 42-44℃
time – 10-20 min

Steam effect with aromatherapy – this is a combined Roman sauna with a multitude of healing properties.

The Roman sauna is characterized by high humidity and during regular visits, you will be able to nourish the body and rejuvenate the skin, remove muscle strain and pain, remove toxins from the body, enhance immunity, regulate capillary circulation, and forget the depression by achieving the harmony.

Roman sauna helps:

  • weight correction;
  • cellulite reduce;
  • remove muscles tension and pain;
  • release toxins from the body;
  • regulation of capillary circulation;
  • rejuvenation and firming of the skin;
  • strengthening immunity;

Humidity  100%; temperature– 42-44℃; time– 10-20 minutes

Fox hole is intended for complex therapy: in steam sauna it is possible to release body from so-called restless leg syndrome. Sauna features a leg jacuzzi too with warm water, ocean stones and hydro massagers.

Fox hole helps:

  • leg hydro procedures;
  • activates blood circulations;
  • effective for treatment of vascular diseases;
  • relieves swelling and gravity in the extremities;

Humidity 100%; temperature– 42-44℃; time 10-20 minutes.

Fox hole

humidity – 100%
temperature – 42-44℃
time – 10-20 min


humidity – 45-50%
temperature –  28-32℃
time – 10-35 min

The warm stone chairs in the relaxation room are the best way to relax and have a rest.

Tepidarium is recommended after saunas, cold showers and massages. A visual imitation of the sea waves, an amazing mix of grapes and roses, tranquil music and special lighting creates an uplifting mood.

ტეპიდარიუმი დაგეხმარებათ:

  • complete relaxation;
  • stress relief and rest;
  • uplifts the mood;

Humidity 45-50%; temperature 28-32℃; time 10-35 min.

Applying ice after a sauna is best for the skin firming and rejuvenating.

Ice hills VIP

time – 1-2 min

Alexander Macedonian Golden Chair

temperature – 32-34℃; time – 2-5 min

Alexander Macedonian 24-carat golden chair is a business card of wellness and spa space. According to the legend, Alexander the Great was healing his wounds with warm gold plates. Warm gold promotes relaxation and blood circulation;

Gold chair helps:

  • Will help you in restoration of livid forces;
  • Assists to the treatment of wounds;
  • Is useful in complex for health;
  • Stimulates livid forces;

Temperature 32-34℃; time 2-5 minutes.