One more uniqueness of GINO Paradise- Excellent Private Zone.

Excellent zone is special private wellness and Spa center where all conditions are created for your maximal comfort and pleasure. Celebrate a happy day in your life with your friends and relatives, or simply make relaxation day . Book private excellent zone and enjoy Spa procedures only in surround of your relatives.

Vegetative sauna

  • Humidity 55-60%
  • Temperature – 45-60°C
  • Time – 10-25 S

Vegetative sauna is combined aromatherapy which has many medical features. By selection of aromatic odors and ether oils wishful result here is achieved in a short time; primary effect of vegetable sauna is restoration of life juices.

By selection of aromatic odours and ether oils, aromatherapy sauna is used for prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. It is especially effective for treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory tract.

Vegetative sauna assists to:

  • Perfect functioning of respiratory organs;
  • It has sedative, anaesthetic effect;
  • Improves delivery of oxygen to the organism;
  • Makes the skin shiny and elastic;
  • Assists to regeneration of nervous and endocrine system;
  • Improves blood turnover;
  • Reduces cellulite;
  • Corrects the weight;
  • Strengthens immunity;

In unique WELLNESS & SPA Center of Gino Paradise, 24 carats golden bath is the only one in Georgia where you can take champagne, vine, menthol, grapefruit, vanilla, coconut, lavender flowers and milk relaxation bathes.

In Georgia especially popular is vine. Golden bath with warm vine tightens the body and is useful for skin because alcohol containing ethanol reacts with hot water, this tensions pores and makes the skin elastic.

Wine bath is recommended once in week, in 1-2 hours after meal;

It helps:

  • Is useful for the skin and makes it younger;
  • Makes the skin elastic;
  • Positively affects nervous system;
  • Removes tension and stress;
  • Removes slags and toxins;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Removes nervous and muscle tension;
  • Regulates blood turnover;
  • Moistens skin;

Cleopatra’s Golden Bathes

  • temperature – 33-36℃
  • time – 10-15 min

Steam sauna

  • humidity – 100%
  • temperature – 42-44°C
  • time – 10-20 min

Inactive lifestyle, stress, malnutrition, alcohol and tobacco lead to chronic diseases. How to regain healthy life? – Take steam baths – You have a new healthy life!

Steam baths help:

  • activates metabolism;
  • reduces cellulite;
  • promotes weight correction;
  • reduces cellulite;
  • promotes weight correction;
  • maintains elasticity of skin;
  • Removes nervous and muscle tension;
  • Increases immunity;

This sauna is equipped with a hydro massager, where you can take a bath full of beer extract and taste the beer from the nearby beer barrel.

Beer mug is not only entertaining but also has a healing/sanative effect, it is best for strengthening the bone system and restoring skin elasticity.

Capacity 10-15 people.

Beer bath

  • temperature – 33-36 °C
  • recommended for : 10-15 min

Ice room with snowfall effect

  • humidity – 43%
  • temperature -10°C
  • time – 1-3 min

Ice room with snowshoe effect, this is a unique space in Transcaucasia. In result of cold exposure, the body experiences stress, causing the blood vessels to narrow. Because of stress, a large amount of blood is delivered to the internal organs and an already renewed blood flow is released to the periphery. Overall: improves skin structure, renews cells and, of course, renews metabolism. The procedure in the cryo sauna helps the body release large amounts of endorphins.

Sensory whirlpool with massager and oxygen-enriched air and water cannon are the best way to perform a relaxation procedure.

In the same area there is a resting room with heated stone seats, Finnish, steam and herbal saunas, showers with different effect attractions.

Sensor whirlpool

  • depth – 0.85 M
  • humidity – 100%
  • temperature – 34-36 °C
  • time 10-15 min