Swimming Academy

Gino Paradise modern pools offer you swimming classes and healthy body. Our Champions Davit Murjikneli and Giorgi Marsagishvili are founders of Georgian Swimming Club and they give amateur and professional swimming lessons. Swimming is worldwide known treatment prescribed by doctors to the people with spine problems and for everyone to relieve tension and relax.

Swimming is not only a sport; it is also an art with its assortment of styles and varieties. Amateur and professional groups have different workload and purpose, but coach and teaching style shows your taste and helps you develop important skills.

Therefore, it is well-known fact that swimming is the only sport that gives multiple results and after an hour spent on pool:

  • Your body completely forgets tiredness;
  • You feel relieved;
  • Your mood is high;

Swimming helps your lungs to work better, breath is clear and your eating habits are improved. In result of intense swimming, without extra effort you get the desired shapes of your body.

Learn swimming in Gino and try out newly gained skills in our indoor and outdoor pools. Visit us with your family and friends and spend your weekends in our Aqua Park.

Looking forward to host you!