Fitness, gym and equipment

Physical activity and healthy lifestyle are the key rules to healthy and long life! Regular workout not only physically improves the body; it also positively affects on mood, reduces stress and promotes psycho-emotional health. Gino Paradise Sports Academy is an exact space where you enjoy all kinds of activities for healthy lifestyle – fitness, swimming and aerobics.

Our gym is equipped with different modern exercise technologies and we have the entire inventory for working out activities. Here are all the conditions for a comfortable workout, including a large exercise area, dressing room and shower.

The variety of fitness activities in the gym makes exercise more fun. Workout machines are designed for people of all ages and sports.

Workout instructions and proper nutrition

Professional instructors are actively involved in training to be safe, effective, and desirable. We make individual workout and proper nutrition plan. This kind of complex treatment gives right result in very short time because workout and healthy eating are closely related.

Properly composed nutrition rations include primarily balanced nutrition habits, where the amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates consumed daily is individually determined. Our experienced instructors possess the knowledge needed to design an individual program. Our fitness program provides all the activities necessary to achieve and maintain the desired result.

Get the desired result

Forming a beautiful figure is not easy at first glance, but it is not achievable by a well-defined plan. Often beginners make the big mistake of expecting only the desired numbers on the scales. However, the goal of exercise is not just to lose weight; it is primarily to promote the growth and development of muscle mass, which in turn will take the place of the fat layer in the body. Shape lines decrease, though the weight may remain the same. The purpose of exercise is – we get a toned body that is dense and beautiful and kilograms go to background. Following the instructions and recommendations of Gino professionals will put the desired result in the shortest possible time.


Aerobics is a type of fitness that works the muscles of a different group at the same time, resulting in the burning of large amounts of calories, and the weight decreases faster. Aerobics is essential for the respiratory and vascular system, which is essential for good physical fitness.

Aerobics is an integral part of women’s fitness. Team workout is much more interesting and a lot of fun. Properly selected aerobic exercises should take into account the structure of the female figure, the peculiarity of fat distribution in the body, as well as physical strength and endurance. That is why a professional methodology to women’s fitness is so important. Weight loss is a complex plan that an experienced instructor should lead.

Why should we choose Gino Paradise fitness center?

Gino fitness center combines all the services necessary for exercise, proper nutrition, weight loss and good physical fitness in one space. The modern training equipment available in our gym makes the exercise process enjoyable and healthy, while at the same time you get comfortable service:

  • comfortable dressing rooms and showers;
  • professional instructors and qualified consultations;
  • individual workout and proper nutrition plan;
  • modern workout equipment;
  • complex treatment to weight correction;

Swimming is a great way to renew energy after a workout. After Gino fitness center modern and varied pools are waiting.