Swimming pools

Gino Paradise offers various types of pools for maximum relaxation and unforgettable entertainment. Each of every guest will find the space he or she wants to regain strength and recharge with pleasant emotions.

Panorama Pool & Bar

  • water: 31-32°C
  • max depth: 1.8 M

Aqua Bar

Aqua Bar is equipped with metal seats and massage water tubes where you can enjoy bar service without leaving the water.

  • water: 34-36 °C
  • max depth: 1.05 M

Salty and Freshwater Whirlpools

Salty and freshwater whirlpools with underwater seats and hydro massage is the best for your skin and relaxation.

  • water: 34-36 °C
  • max depth: 1.1M

Wave pool

For one who loves sea “Gino Paradise” wave pool is the best place for fun. Sea is not far anymore – here you can swim in waves and bathe under the sun. And Aqua Bar is responsible for your comfort and happiness. In hot summer days, our guests enjoy cold drinks without coming out of pools equipped with metal seats and massage water tubes.

  • water: 28-30 °C
  • max depth: 2M
  • max height of waves: 1.8M

Wild River

The wild river is an open water attraction filled with adventures, amazing sensations and a rushing river effect.

  • water: 28 °C
  • max depth: 0. 97 M